Mobile Bay National Estuary Program

Mobile Bay National Estuary Program

at Earth Day Mobile Bay

The Mobile Bay National Estuary Program (MBNEP)
was created September, 1995. The mission of the MB-NEP is to promote wise stewardship of the water quality characteristics and living resource base of the Mobile Bay estuarine system.

Sediment plume flowing out of Mobile Bay after a major rain event The Mobile Bay NEP area of study includes both Baldwin and Mobile Counties which surround Mobile Bay, the 5 river river delta area and the sound and Gulf coastal areas. The Mobile Bay watershed is the sixth largest in the nation and it has the fourth largest freshwater flow in North American.

Cause of watershed runoff The MB-NEP study goals include protection of public water supplies; protection and propagation of a balanced, indigenous population of shellfish, fish, and wildlife; facilitating recreational activities, in and on water; and requiring control of point and nonpoint sources of pollution.

"According to the U. S. EPA, polluted runoff is the number one water quality problem in the country."

MB-NEP: (251) 431-6409. Come see our booth at Earth Day Mobile Bay!